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  • Highest Level of Protection

  • Scratch Resistant

  • Extreme Durability


  • Increased Gloss & Clarity

  • ​Easier Maintenance ​

  • Self-Cleansing Properties


  • Preserves Your Vehicle's Paint

  • Protects Your Vehicle From Deteriorating 

  • Pays for Itself with the Increased Resale Value

Prime Time Details Graphene Pro Package is a great value for what it entails! Our Ice Pro is an extremely durable, hydrophobic ceramic coating that lasts up to 5-6 years. Tis package is our highest level of ceramic coating being the most durable, hydrophobic and highest increased longevity. With in the pencil hardness scale, our Graphene Pro is a 10H which is the highest tier of the scale. This ceramic coating seals the clear coat of the vehicle with densified nanoparticle technology along with superior cross linking characteristics making for the highest durable, slick and glossy finish. 


  • Detailed Wash ​​

    • This Consists of a in-depth washing of the vehicle beginning with the wheels, wheel wells, & Tires​, Next, all bugs and tar from the vehicles surface are removed. Followed by a 100% Hand Wash 2 Bucket method.​​

  • Thorough Decontamination

    • Involving a Clay Decontamination removing any environmental fallout from the vehicles clear coat. Which is then followed by a Chemical Decontamination removing any Iron Contamination in the vehicles clear coat, which is created by break dust and fallout from other pollutants around your area.​​

  • Paint Correction​

    • Before laying down any level of ceramic coating some level of correction will have to be executed providing a virgin and clean surface for the ceramic coating to bond to. That being our Paint Enhancement, One Step, or Two step depending upon a budget and what is expected in the correction phase.​​​​

  • IPA Wipe Down & Applying the Coating​

    • Following our correction stage we ALWAYS follow with an IsoPropyl Alcohol (IPA) wipe down. This removes all previous waxes, compounds and polishes, ensuring we have a virgin, clean surface to lay our Graphene Pro Ceramic onto the surfaces. i.e. Paint, Trim, Glass, Wheels, Headlights, Tail Lights.


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